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Strawberry Lemonade - 3 Pack


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Like the flavor

Liked that you can enjoy a nice lemonade without a bunch of artificial ingredients. Deducted a few stars because it tastes a little too much of concentrate juice and is super sweet, 50g of sugar is way too much. It is the daily value of sugar you are supposed to have in a day. Also, it says it has erythritol and monkfruit, but it does not list the amount of sugar alcohols... proper labeling is needed. The plain lemonade had a bitter after taste. All in all the lemonade has great potential, just needs some minor improvemets. Hope this helps.

Malessa Medina
Strawberry lemonade

This is delicious! It was worth the wait.

Cynthia Rogers
Great Flavor!

I saw your lemonade on Keith Lee’s TikTok page and wanted to give it a try. So glad I did. The taste is delicious to me. 😋 Congratulations and best wishes in your company.

Keisha Cooper

I saw this product get review by none other than the Keith Lee…got my phone and ordered immediately! Shipping was quick and I had no issues. Don’t know what I wanted it to taste like but I enjoyed as a mixer with adult libations.

Kimberly Vaughns
Very good!

The strawberry lemonade was very good. It was sweet enough and the aftertaste wasn’t as bad as the regular lemonade. I would order this again.